One of the best premium laminated polyester filters on the market, designed for swimming pools. The new 2017 model of the Batory filter is distinguished by high reliability and careful workmanship.

It will interest people looking for very good quality at a reasonable price. BATORY is distinguished by the ergonomics of design solutions. The tank is mounted on a base that dampens vibrations during filter operation. The pressure gauge is located in the filter cover in a way that prevents accidental damage and allows easy reading of the pressure.

The cover with an admixture of glass fibers is screwed to the body of the tank. The outputs are on the side of the filter. They are connected to the 6-way valve by means of the connectors. Due to the special design of the connections, the operations performed on the valve do not damage the filter tank and there are no leaks even after several years. Accessories: cross bottom, 6-way valve, cover, pressure gauge, valve connections, air vent.

The filter can be installed at pools with salt water. The working pressure is approx. 0.8 kg / cm. Maximum pressure 2.5 kg / cm. The filter is tested after production with a test pressure of 3.5 kg / cm. Sand bed replacement every 1-2 years, and AFM every 8-10 years. Before installation, tighten the elements inside the tank.