Excavation – Instruction

For general instructions, please follow the steps below:

  • Dig a hole 20 cm longer, 20 cm wider and 30 cm deeper than the dimensions of the pool basin
  • place the drainage pipes around the entire bottom and attach them to the drainage well, attention! Drainage pipes must be covered with fleece and laid on a debris bed
  • drainage pipes placed in rubble are connected to a drainage well, which is placed in one corner of the trench (the drainage pipes should be laid with a slope towards the drainage well) a submersible / drainage pump should be installed in the drainage well, which will automatically pump out all groundwater that will be collected in the well (insulated! water pipe from the submersible pump must be connected to the storm pipe) or sewer pipe)
  • spread the non-woven fabric over the bottom of the rubble
  • 10 cm of sand-cement mix (10: 1 or 8: 2 or 7: 3), moisten with water and compactly compact with a compactor
  • lay out 10cm mm XPS 200 polystyrene, polystyrene
    check that everything is level
  • lift the pool with a crane and place it in the trench on a properly prepared surface
  • place concrete blocks under the second step of the pool (measured from the top of the pool) to support the steps and lift them gently
  • fill 30 cm of pool water
  • start scattering 30 cm around the pool, sand with cement, moistened with water and thoroughly compacted
  • again 30 cm of water into the pool and again 30 cm of backfill around the pool
  • start gluing the hoses, when you get to the skimmer and nozzles, insulate the hoses!
  • cover the skimmer, nozzles and lamps with sand only, no cement
  • the entire pool should be covered around

Beat carefully and pour water over the mixture under each step.

Make sure that the hoses coming out of the pool do not get submerged when re-sprinkling with sand and cement. You need to lift the hose slightly with a string attached to the hose, which can be hooked on one of the boards above the ground.