Technical assembly


  1. Use the clamping ring provided with the lamp set. Put the clamping ring inside the swimming pool in a place where the lamps are to be installed.
  2. Using the felt-tip, mark the point where the hole is to be cut out using the saw as well as the highest and the lowest hole in the ring.
  3. Drill the hole of 9-10 mm nearby the marked ring.
  4. Cut the hole out with the fret saw.
  5. Drill two holes that have been marked using the 7 mm drill.
  6. Place the ring and use its screw to mount the ring in the two drilled holes.
  7. Drill two other holes.
  8. When mounting the lamp, apply the mass-type assembly adhesive for the aquarium joints, which can be used under water, between the seals.
  9. Thread the cable. Leave a loose end of the cable so that the lamp can be easily loosened in the future if necessary.
  10. Tighten the seals. Screw the lamps in. READY!!!
  11. The connection to the transformer can only be carried out by the authorised electrician.


  1. In order to obtain as good effects of cleaning (circulation) as possible install the inlets at the appropriate side of the skimmer.
  2. The normal distance between the water surface and the nozzle hole is approx. 30 cm.
  3. Drill the hole of 62 mm using the piercing die.
  4. Apply the silicon mass for aquarium joints, which can be used under water, between the seals.
  5. When installing the tube of approx. 1.7 m, provided with the set, to the nozzles, use TANGIT adhesive. Grind the surface slightly with the abrasive paper to obtain the coarse surface. Dry it with Tangit spirit.
  6. Apply a large amount of TANGIT adhesive and match the parts with each other. Wipe off the remains of the adhesive with your finger. Now “The parts are being bonded together”.


4-5 cm from the upper swimming-pool edge to the upper skimmer edge.

  1. See description of the installation of lamps.


  1. Install the ball valve on the hose that comes out of the skimmer, upstream of the pump. The non-return valve is installed downstream of the sand filter on the hose that leads to the inlet (nozzles) 2. When installing the tubes and making connections, use Tangit adhesive as for installation of the nozzles, see items 5 and 6.
  2. CAUTION – The connection of the pump can only be carried out by the authorised electrician.
  3. Before filling up with sand is started you should ensure that the clamping ring is carefully placed on the filter. You can apply some silicon to the O-ring, however it is not required.
    The BALL VALVE must be installed upstream of the pump and NON-RETURN VALVE and downstream of the filter on the return pipe to the swimming pool. If you wish to install the heater, it should be placed between the filter and the non-return valve.
    NOTE – if the pump is above the water surface, the non-return valve should be installed on the hose from the skimmer and the ball valve on the hose coming out of the inlet.

We wish you successful use of the new equipment and the swimming pool.