Swimming Pools Roofing

Sliding roofing for swimming pools means swimming in the pool for the whole year round.

Sliding roofing for swimming pools is light and elegant. Light and extendable casings of swimming pools, made of aluminium and organic glass, are aesthetic and practical. They allow the maximum use of a swimming pool by enabling one to swim all year. An aluminium anodized frame of natural colour is composed of specially sealed individual segments which, on attached wheels, can be easily slide on special slide tracks. The roofing slides telescopically and when open it serves as an outdoor swimming pool and, when closed, it serves as an indoor swimming pool. Sliding elements are filled with 8 mm thick cell polycarbonate. At a client’s request other structural solutions are possible.



  • extend the use of the swimming pool without additional heating,
  • enable use of the swimming pool even in winter,
  • effective use of solar energy,
  • protection from natural pollution of water (leaves, dust, insects),
  • reduction of maintenance costs of the swimming pool,
  • application of organic glass glazing, the glass is unbreakable (resistance to impact is 200 greater than in the case of common glass), light, warm and safe,
  • children and pets protected against falling into water.

We also offer exclusive roofing which structure is based on glass and natural timber.