SpaRelax New Generation Bathtubs

SpaRelax is the NEW GENERATION of outdoor Spa tubs and mini swimming pools, designed to bring you amazing relaxation in your own garden or house, after a hard and often stressful day.

SpaRelax outdoor Spa tubs are luxury for an unbelievably low price.
The standard price of MagicSpa tub contains all the extras, that is: stainless nozzles, ozonator, underwater lamp, thermal cover with a lift, radio, speakers, beautifully coloured niches, multipoint LED lighting and the possibility of using aromatherapy. All these accessory devices are necessary for luxurious use of the Spa tub, and more importantly – you will not be charged any extra amount for this equipment – because it is included as standard, already contained in the basic price.

Much might be said of the therapeutic properties of hydro-massage: The warm water, at the temperature of your body, the forcefully pulsating mixture of air and water, lead you straight from the morning into a briskly vigorous day. The huge amount of nozzles intricately laid out perfectly massages each part of your body. The ergonomic seats, streamlined shape and straight lines leave you no doubt that MagicSpa is everything you’ve ever needed. The active air system makes you feel that your body is weightless, giving you relief, which can be experienced only in the MagicSpa tub.

Besides the tubs, we propose DAMASON – the only mini swimming pool in the market, the combination of a Spa tub and a swimming pool with special nozzles. You will find more details in Offer menu. In the fast developing civilization of today, everyone needs a moment of relaxation and peace and taking care of own health.
It is obvious for us that in a MagicSpa tub you will completely relax your body and mind.

MagicSpa tub IS THE NEW GENERATION: the price, the equipment, the quality and the service.


Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that despite the current difficult situation related to the COVID-19 virus, we have taken all necessary measures to maintain the smoothness of our service and delivery times for our customers.

Unfortunately, the increasing number of border controls throughout Europe, as well as the closing of borders with neighboring countries, also affects the areas of our operations and services. We expect delays in procurement and deliveries, so at the moment we are unable to guarantee exact delivery dates.

We kindly ask you to be patient in case the goods do not arrive on time. The current situation presents us with many challenges and we are doing everything we can to adapt to these difficult conditions.