Transport and sale conditions

1. General conditions

• The Factory does its tender, service and transport activity by the following conditions, If the customer wants to change these conditions, he/she can ask for it before the order in written form and this take effect only if The Factory also approves it in written form.

• We give our quotations without any obligation. We reserve the right to change the data on the quotation drawings and the technical solutions without any previous notification. The data and design solutions given in the quotation and on its drawings constitute the possession intellectual of our enterprise, they must not be delivered to a third party without our written permission.

• The customer announces the previous transport closing date of the product or service at the order of the pool cover. Our enterprise gives a written confirmation for the order, however, it doesn’t mean the acceptance of the closing date previously demanded of the product or service. The demanded exact transport closing date will be announced by the customer when the fitting up place is ready to receive the pool cover. After this, we announce the final transport and the occurrent fitting up closing date in written form, which can be between 4 and 6 weeks.

• The customer has to verify the confirmation of the order. If the customer doesn’t have any written complaint against the conditions In the confirmation, we consider it accepted. The customer sends the drawing of the pool cover and the confirmation with his/her signature back to The Factory. The production starts after that the signed confirmation Is received.

• If the production is not started yet, we try to satisfy occurrent desires for change. If the production is already started, we announce the occurent additional cost to the customer and we achieve the change only If the customer accepts it. Changing during the production process may mean that the closing date extends.

2. Payment conditions

• 100% of the total purchase price must be paid on the day of the order.

• The customer is not authorized to deny the payment if’ he/she finds a famed or real defect on the product. It must he Indicated towards our enterprise in oral or written form, which we repair out of turn by our warranty engagement what is fixed in the present transport conditions.

• In case of payment delay, after an agreement In place, we are authorized to give an additional closing date of 6 working days at the farthest, after which we can take the laid pool cover over without any notice. The customer cannot hinder the taking over process arising from non-payment. We reserve the right of recompense for our deficiencies.

3. Transport, fitting up, technical receiving

• If the transport takes place with our enterprise’s van, any emerging damage charges our enterprise. In this case, the quantitative and qualitative receiving takes place on the address given In the order,
If the transport is effectuated by the customer, the quantitative and qualitative receiving takes place in our depot. After receiving, the customer takes every risk.

• After receiving — in our depot or on the address given by the customer — the occurrent technical complaints must be fixed immediately in written form. The receiving cannot be denied because of a famed or real defect. The realization of the receiving means also the accomplishment of the contract.

• Every product is transported with the reservation of our proprietorship and they remain in our propriety until their total cost isn’t redeemed. If the transport fails because of the customer, a storage cost will be billed.

• The covering site must be totally horizontal, made with flat vestment or finished concrete. We can’t assume the responsibility for ground defects!

• On the visible surface of anodized aluminium profiles and rails, color dissimilitude can occur. We can’t assume the responsibility for this.

4. Warranty

• The Factory assumes 3 years warranty for transported pool cover materials and production works. The warranty begins on the receiving day. For the surface materials (glaring), the warranty is assured by the warranty of the manufacturer company which is 3 years for occurrent damages during normal use. We assure 2 years warranty for the powder coating. We don’t assume warranty for hail.

▪ Attention: the pool cover is waterproof in 98% which means some water can get under the cover from outside. As the pool cover is normally in wet environment, this doesn’t cause problem, so we can’t assume any responsibility for this.

• Attention: the canalization of the track-rails must be assured, the ground must have a suitable slope for we can’t assume the responsibility for ground defects.

• If the customer effectuates the installation of the pool cover, the defects coming from the installation charge the customer. Of course, if required, we recover the defects whose cost will charge the customer!

• The warranty is valid only for a regular use of the pool cover. The warranty breaks off if the customer doesn’t protects it from the charge of the snow. In case of a bigger snowfall, the customer Is bound to remove the snow from the pool cover or, in case of a prolonged snowfall, to assure a temperature of 10-15 °C under the cover. The pool covers made by The Factory are equipped with a continuous storm support, but at a wind force beyond the insurance limiting value (15 infs), our warranty obligation breaks off. In ease of a windstorm, the pool cover must be closed and the elements must be fixed in place. It is expedient to take out an Insurance for the cover.

• Defects coming from unprofessional or neglectful handling don’t come within the range of warranty.

• On the internal side of the profiles indentures can appear which come from bending!

• The manufacturer gives the thickness of the glaring with ± 10% tolerance value.