Swimming pools

Our products are made of high-quality construction vinyloester resins with enhanced heat and chemical resistance and good glass fibre super-saturation; vinyl-ester mats demonstrating very good processing values; chemical resistant gel coats to protect from moisture, water, chemical, and vapour penetration and give smoothness and gloss to the surface of every pool; glass fibres with very good laminating process air removal capability; Top Coat layers to protect from water and moisture penetration.

As the first company in Poland, we foam the external side of pool with polyurethane spray foam. The advantages of foaming include enhancement in the strength of pools and their insulation (to compare 1cm of foam = 5cm of foamed polystyrene). The products made in this technology have a functional life of approx. 80 years.

The uniqueness of our fiberglass pools:

» dyed chemical resistant gel coat
» heat resistant vinyloester with vinyl-ester mats
» protecting layer of Top Coat
» protecting layer of Barier Coat
» hard spray polyurethane foam


Composite Coremat / Honeycomb

New improved technology on all our fiberglass pools – a composite coremat as a core layer in the laminate, a new formula that strengthens the structure of each fiberglass pool and extends its life.




Our products are characterised by high resistance to weather and ageing conditions, also resisting aggressive agents and having high mechanical parameters.

All pools are characterised by high quality, accuracy, high-quality resins and glass fibre construction, which are used in appropriate proportions for production.


Pools are also provided with additional metal reinforcements on sidewalls to make them stable and durable.

Our pools have been sold in Poland and abroad for more than 16 years now. They are made with competence and experience.

How to install a swimming pool?

Dig a hole the size of the swimming pool. Put the swimming pool in, pour about 30 cm of water and fill behind the sides with dry mortar and make into silt gradually, with water at the same time. Add water gradually into the swimming pool, proportionally to the height of the dry mortar on the outside of the swimming pool Leave water in the swimming pool for winter.