The figure shows a pool with an overflow gutter. This is the most common type of swimming pool in hotels and other public facilities. Water flows evenly into the gutter from the entire surface of the pool. Through the gutter outlets shown in the drawing, the water flows through the collecting pipe to the overflow tank. When the water in the tank reaches a certain level, the filter pump sucks water from the tank. Everything is controlled by five electrodes and a driver. They measure the current water level in the tank.

If there is not enough water, the filter pump will be turned off and the solenoid valve will open allowing fresh water to the tank. At the same time, water is constantly being poured from the pool. When the water reaches a certain height, the valve closes and the filter pump turns on again and filters the water. When a lot of people are bathing and waves form, the filter pump is not able to pump all the water. The excess water then flows into the sewer. A pool with a gutter is an ideal element of the hall or garden landscape.