Why is a water treatment station important?

Using a mesh, we collect larger impurities which float on water surface, such as: leaves, litter or insects. Other dirt, which settles at the bottom of the pool, is collected using a vacuum-cleaner, usually connected to a swimming pool skimmer (surface overfall) However, to clean water from microelements and bacteria a water treatment station combined with the use of chemicals is necessary.

Using a mesh, a vacuum-cleaner or chemicals only, we will not get rid of pollution coming from rainwater, pollen, cosmetics which dissolve in water when we take a swim, and bacteria from our body. If you want water treatment to function fully, you need a water treatment station, which is continually connected to the skimmer.

A very effective method of mechanical water treatment is the use of a sand filter connected to a pump. A pump ensures water circulation starting from the skimmer, through the sand filter and through inlet nozzles back to the swimming pool. Water is sucked in through the skimmer in which there is a strainer which traps larger dirt. The strainer protects the sand filter from accelerated use. The strainer needs to be cleaned more or less once a week. Water is pumped through the sand filter in which fine particulates are trapped. The treated water is pumped back to the swimming pool. Sand filter resembles the natural water filtration process. The pump works the best when positioned below the water level, besides, the risk of dry operation and damage to the pump are reduced. If the pump has to be installed above the water level, ensure that the pump does not operate without water. One a week, perform filter back flushing. The sand in the filter needs to be replaced fully after three years. Our sand filters are very high quality; they have very long life and large redundancy of filter output.


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