Season end

Our swimming pools made of plastics do not have to be completely empties for the winter season. The structure will survive freezing of water. The most important is lowering the water level, so that connections leading water in and out as well as lighting did not crack. If the swimming pool is roofed, all the water can be left in the swimming pool during the winter season. This is the most convenient method. Just the water circulation is required as the protection against freezing.

If you cannot avoid freezing, before you lower the water level, wait till temperature drops below 8°C. Till that moment and after the ended season, shock chlorine disinfection is applied, algaecides are added and pH level is balanced to between 7.2 and 7.6. 

The water treatment station does not have to work all the time, 4-6 hours a day is sufficient. When there is cold enough, you should backwash the filter, lower the water level and get the equipment ready for winter season. Clean the swimming pool walls and vacuum the bottom. Position the valve handle at “filter”. Water from the filter is emptied through opening the lower drainage bolt. Power supply is disconnected by means of the main switch. The pump and the supply conduits are emptied. The pump strainer is cleaned. The pump and the filter have to be protected from freezing, best stored in a warm place. The swimming pool should be covered, so that the water level did not rise during winter. The handle on the filter switch is positioned at “WINTER”.
NOTE. The drain pump should be running at all times and should be checked at least once a week.


Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that despite the current difficult situation related to the COVID-19 virus, we have taken all necessary measures to maintain the smoothness of our service and delivery times for our customers.

Unfortunately, the increasing number of border controls throughout Europe, as well as the closing of borders with neighboring countries, also affects the areas of our operations and services. We expect delays in procurement and deliveries, so at the moment we are unable to guarantee exact delivery dates.

We kindly ask you to be patient in case the goods do not arrive on time. The current situation presents us with many challenges and we are doing everything we can to adapt to these difficult conditions.